The Diverse-City Trails is a partnership between The Thought Collective and Ben & Jerry’s designed to create a shared experience among participants and spark two-way discussions around the issues Singapore faces, especially around social cohesion, which is vital to Singapore’s progress.

The Thought Collective shares the common purpose of building up Singapore’s social and emotional capital. An umbrella of social enterprises offers new possibilities in the way we think, live and serve as a community.
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Ben & Jerry’s promotes peace, love and ice cream around the world and hopes to create progress in the communities they operate in by using fun and ice cream as vehicles to inspire involvement.
Find out more at www.benjerry.com.sg
Little India

The Little India Trail
The heart of a living community
The Little India is designed as an intimate yet sobering exploration of the Little India community. Bringing insight into how larger economic and social forces have transformed how this community lives, this trail provides profound insight into the broader challenges Singapore faces in light of urban development, space management and community conservation.
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Toa Payoh

The Toa Payoh Trail
A beginner's guide to social innovation
One of Singapore's oldest housing estates, Toa Payoh was once Singapore’s test bed for various social innovations to build cohesion amongst communities. Step into familiar grounds in a new light to understand how happy neighbours in a community are forged and explore the way forward.
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Jalan Besar

The Jalan Besar Trail
Embracing the possibility for unexpected change
Change often requires new people to take the lead and look out for everyone in the community. Come and explore how we can build trust between communities to share our common space.
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